Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oliver's First Solid Food

At a few weeks shy of six months, I finally caved and started Oliver on solid foods. I like to wait until I feel like my babies are ready for and interested in food. I'm in no rush, in so many ways it's honestly easier to just breastfeed and not worry about food. Anyway the last few weeks Oliver's interest in food has really peaked. He reaches for food now, tries to grab food in our hands, and has a mean lunge if he sees a fork. Taking his obvious interest into account, we broke out the rice cereal and gave him his first taste of solid food (if you don't count the sacrament bread someone tried feeding him a few weeks ago).

As always it was a mixed reaction to the rather foreign experience, though by the end I think he was enjoying himself. Madeline was my little helper, naturally, which consisted largely of freaking out every time he had any food on his face and running for a towel to clean him with. I guess it's time to break out the vita-mix and starting making some baby food!

Feeling like such a big boy sitting up.

Giving it a try.

Cutest post-eating messy face ever. Seriously I cannot get enough of this little guy.

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soybeanlover said...

Wow, he's really almost six months old?? Good job on the eating Oliver!