Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

The older two girls decided back in August that they wanted to do a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween this year. Emily kicked it off with dreams of being Dorothy, and Hannah immediately jumped on Glinda. We easily convinced Maddie to be the Cowardly Lion, she's even been working on her ferocious roar for a good month now. Finally a baby Tin Man was created and the look was complete. Add in a witch and scarecrow of last minute minimalistic proportions and it was a full blown family affair.

My mom actually sewed Emily's costume and the tiny hat for the baby. The other two kids were courtesy of Old Navy and Etsy. I love internet shopping.

We went up to Daegu to go trick-or-treating on base on Saturday. I find the base to be the perfect size for kids our kids ages. We managed to hit up almost all of the base housing in just about an hour. The older two were seasoned pros, Maddie started off a little nervous, but quickly caught onto the fun of trick or treating, though she was always willing to sit out any house she deemed "so scary." It was fun to watch the kids tear around with their friends, what a fun holiday!

The four kiddos: Cowardly Lion, Dorothy holding Tin Man, and Glinda.

Headed off to the school Halloween parties awaiting. Maddie had to get dressed up, too, just not to miss out on the action.

Dorothy, complete with her Toto.

Glinda the Good Witch striking a post.

Cowardly Lion roaring.

Waiting for the bus.

Littlest Tin Man.

After trick or treating on Camp Walker in Daegu, Korea.

The whole family.

Tyler couldn't resist. . . . he had to steal our friends son's Mario hat and take it for a spin.


Ryan said...

The costumes turned out great!! I like the way you did the witch without having to get into total witch getup.

Luna said...

Cute costumes. I love making Halloween a family affair!

Laurel C. said...

YAY! You're back!

Love the Halloween costumes. Having the family follow a theme is so cute. And I love the look on Oliver's face in the group shot. He's hanging on for dear life! Cute family!

Annie said...

Wow, Jen you really did it with those costumes this year. Honestly, I was smiling ear to ear. Your Oz bunch was so adorable! Great job.