Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lotus Lantern Festival at Beomosa

As the baby's due date inches closer and closer, I had a short list of things I really wanted to accomplish. Near the top of my wish list was to be able to visit a temple to mark Buddha's birthday. Thankfully the little guy cooperated and we were able to take the girls to enjoy the gorgeous paper lanterns that cover the temples.

Each year during the Lotus Lantern Festival the temples in Korea are strung top to bottom with paper lanterns. People come to the temple and purchase a lantern, writing a prayer on the paper tied to the lantern. Each year we have been here for the festival we have made it a point to visit a different temple to appreciate the lanterns. While in Seoul we visited two temples and a gorgeous lantern parade. Last year we visited our favorite seaside temple in Busan, so this year we headed out to a different temple in Busan we had not yet visited, Beomosa.

I love the way the lanterns drape over the temple, creating a soft canopy of lights. The girls always enjoy these trips. Hannah has been asking all month when it would be Buddha's birthday. I'm just thankfully I was able to enjoy this last event I really wanted to take in. Now as far as I am concerned this little guy can appear anytime!


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