Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Week Home

Our first week home with our sweet little buddy was honestly a blur, propelled entirely by survival instincts. Instead of the nice few weeks of paternity leave Tyler has taken with the birth of the girls, he returned to work Monday. . . a mere three days after Oliver's arrival.

Monday kicked off a week straight of almost 12 hours day for Tyler, as the G-20 Finance Ministers Meeting commenced in Busan. We probably could not have picked a worse week to welcome a new baby into the world, but we made the best of it! Tyler worked non-stop, and I muddled through in total sleep deprived stupor.

The G-20 meetings brought finance ministers from across the globe to a hotel a few blocks from our apartment. Security was tight, and Tyler spent the week shuttling back and forth between the airport and the hotel. He was in charge of getting people in and out of the country with as few hiccups as possible. By Saturday night, everyone had finally departed, and we all sighed a huge sigh of relief!

Despite all the craziness, it's been a fairly smooth transition to a family of six. Oliver is a sweet little guy who loves his cuddles, and loves to eat (really what more could you ask for?!). The girls all adore him and want to hold him every chance they get. Madeline is especially enamored with her new role as big sister, and loves to "holdja the baby."

It's been a whirlwind, but we are so thankfully Oliver is where with us!

First Day Home

Little Monkey

Madeline doing a "holdja the baby."

I love how huge Maddie's hands look. . . such a contrast!

Huge outpouring of congratulations from the community. Our little "White Tiger" was welcomed with style!

Sleeping on his own. . . only lasted a minute before he wanted to be held again.

Six days old.

Sharing some love.

Proud big sister!

Pensive look. . . . so serious!

More sleeping.

So far he's an Allen through and through. He looks a ton like Emily as a baby, and the resemblance to Tyler is undeniable!

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